Why use hot water to clean your carpet


It is an uphill task to keep your carpet clean because of the vacuuming and the spot cleaning that is supposed to be done on a weekly basis. At times you may need to use a strong solution for cleaning carpets such as acetone or ammonia; but avoid them when necessary. As an alternative, try to clean your carpet using simple hot water. However, if the stain on your carpet is new, you may consider using any type of cleaning solutions. Hot water is the best solution you can use to clean your carpet and if it will not remove the stain, it will lighten it. Hiring a carpet cleaning Windsor company will make the tash easy but here are a few tips.


How can hot water clean carpet better?

There are several ways you can use hot water to clean your carpet. Below are ways you can follow to clean your carpet using hot water.

– Before cleaning your carpet with hot water, use a clean cloth to blot out the stain and pick solids using your hand. you can also use any object like a spoon to scrape the residue on the edge of the carpet;

– The next step is to soak a clean cloth on hot water over the area that is stained. This will help in heating the fibers of the carpet and loosen the stain.

– Lightly, touch the stained area using clean cloth soaked in hot water. The hot water will assist to remove the stains from the fibers of the carpet.

– After all these steps you find your stain still visible, then mix one cup of hot water with one tea spoonful of dish water.

– Blot the mixed solution on the stain until the stain is removed.

Benefits of using hot water to clean your carpet

– The heat of the water is essential in breaking up the soil build on the carpet fibers;

– The chemicals that can be used with hot water are not very costly.

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